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Calm in the Chaos

Sometimes it can feel the whole world has gone mad and we are feeling every bit of it! Some weeks can feel like we are wearing the Horcrux (Harry Potter fans will get) and no matter what we do, a heaviness invades our spirit. What do we do at these times? How do we support ourselves, or get the support we need to at the very least, not contribute further to the chaos?

A first step is to take some time to sit and reflect and consider how much is my chaos and how much is the world around me? We can't fix the chaos in the world, but just by acknowledging it we can get some separation from it, see it with a bit of distance whilst still sending out love and compassion, and then doing whatever you feel called to do, which may be nothing or something. Just by sending out love and separating yourself from the energy of it you are already helping. When I noticed I was sitting in chaos recently, I realised that it was the time of the blood moon and US midterm elections - I don't know how or if they truly affect me, but I felt they could be contributing as I am sensitive to energy, so acknowledging these two helped settle myself down.

What if the chaos is coming from ourselves? First of all take some time to breathe (cliche!). If we don't take some time to breathe, our brain won't function and nothing will make sense. You may have a breathing system that works for you such as box breathing or counted breathing but just by noticing your breath your brain will go out of chaos (or freeze) and be able to function better.

Once you have breathed, you can look at if the chaos is something you can do anything about, or do you just (just!) need to manage it. On these occasions looking at the chaos (or whatever other description works) can be a matter of looking at it as an unwelcome guest and traveling alongside it, whilst actively looking at what calms your spirit: things such as being in nature just looking at the clouds or a tree, or tuning in to your higher self or the Being beyond you (whatever you believe). I do both - I go into nature and lie on the ground, looking up or down, and I call on my 'team' from the higher realms to give my a hand because at the moment this being human is really tough! I also call on my earth angels, those people who get me and can help me ground myself so I don't spin out of control and take those around with me.

What do you need when chaos claims you and you have a hard time calming yourself? What's in your life that will support you?

I wish you a calm peace-filled day 😊

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